Sateen: Better than Regular Satin

You might have heard of satin before, the shiny woven fabric that is sheer and resistant to wrinkles. But did you know that satin is actually a less desirable option for fabric when it comes to sustainability?

Satin is usually made of various fibers with long filaments like silk, polyester, and nylon. Even though satin products are durable and drape beautifully, they are also made of synthetic fibers. Meanwhile, the production of synthetic fibers might be questionable in the aspect of its sustainability.

So, do we have a better alternative? Of course!

Sateen is the more sustainable version of satin. They both look luxurious and shiny, yet wrinkle-resistant as well. Their difference lies in their composition of filaments with satin made of longer filaments and sateen made of shorter fibers.

Sateen is made with natural fibers, specifically cotton. Hence, it is biodegradable. And it is also durable, so it could last for a long time in your wardrobe. Another thing about sateen is that, unlike silk, it is able to absorb moisture, thus making it more breathable.

In other words, sateen is not only good for the environment, but also for you!

For these very reasons, we are proud to announce that we use sateen in our collections. We hope by providing a more sustainable alternative, we could help heal and conserve the Earth one step at a time.

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