A List of Gratitudes to Practice Daily

Focusing on the things that we’re grateful for can turn around a negative mood By writing the things you are grateful for, your positive energies would be flowing, and you will attract more good things in life!

Today, we would share with you some of the many things that have appeared on our gratitude list. We hope these things might spur your imagination, get you to notice things in your own life you might be ignoring and inspire you to create a little more magic in your life.

Slow down a little today and see, smell, taste, hear and feel some of the things you’ve been missing. Find inspiration by noticing the infinite beauty in the everyday things all around you.

Be grateful if you have eyes to see these things, a nose to smell them, ears to hear them, a mouth to taste them, hands to touch them and a heart to feel them.

  • The petals of a flower

  • The rainbow of colors in a sunrise and sunset

  • The unconditional love of our four-legged friends

  • The sassy people in our lives who tell us what we really need to hear

  • Big hugs

  • The lessons we learn and take to heart from difficult situations

  • A steaming cup of tea

  • A quiet place to meditate

  • A good night’s rest

  • Fleece sheets

  • Learning to embrace a new life

  • Seeing the results of commitments we’ve made to ourselves

  •  Knowing that we’re capable of anything that we decide to do

  • The bold steps we’ve taken in life after overcoming the fears that used to control us

  • The lessons we learn and the people we become from caring for others

  •  A cozy home


  • Plenty of fresh water

  • An abundance of tasty foods

  •  All the friends and family who have supported us throughout our lives

    Beauty and inspiration are everywhere... What’s on your gratitude list today? -After A Number

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