A Love Letter to Mother Earth

 Dear Mother Earth,


I pour my soul in awe of your ethereal beauty


Wishing my love is as beautiful as the petals and butterflies dancing on your fields

My mind as serene and clear as the sky in your Spring

To stand as strong as the roots standing on your ground

Oh, how I long so deeply as the blue waters that fill your lungs

To grow and be just like you


Here’s to you, the first mother I knew

My little brain cannot comprehend the magic you have created beyond the humankind realms


Thank you for letting me enjoy your presence

Amongst your forests

Along your rivers

And atop your peaks


I take solace in your warmth;

Comfort in nights filled with white noise


Your green pastures is home

Your sunlight a sign of hope


My presence is the best gift I can give to you now—an awareness of you in each moment that I breathe your wind. And a promise to fight for you in every way I can.



After A Number


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