Always Back to The Roots - Donation Project

One of our mission is to share compassion, not just to the Earth but also to humankind. And that is why we would like to introduce you to Metta, Mama & Maggha Foundation. They act as a safe haven for abandoned babies where they provide the same love and care as a family would do. This includes taking care of their basic needs in a safe environment, cater a healthy lifestyle for them and also provide medical care.]

As we are celebrating our birthday month this May 2022, we will be donating 10% of our sales from our latest collection, Back to the Roots, towards Metta, Mama & Maggha Foundation. This donation will support their current program of creating a wonderful playground for the children. We hope by providing the children a safe place to explore their creativity and playfulness, they would grow up to be brave and courageous. Just like in nature, the strength of the plant comes from the roots that are planted deep into the ground.

Most of us might be familiar with waking up to our favorite dish cooked by our lovely mothers. Some might still have the scars when they fell off their bicycle for the first time, but luckily their father is there for them. Or even that victorious moment when they took the TV remote from their siblings. Without us realizing, home became the first place where we were introduced to love.

Family taught us a lot of things. They taught us to be responsible by following the house rules, but they also taught us to share our empathy with our loved ones. Our family truly showed us the many forms of love, rooted in the sense of security and comfort to provide us with the best care they could possibly think of.

But we often fail to realize that not everyone is as lucky as us. Not everyone has someone to rely on when we needed support. As much as we hate to admit, we could have been taking our family’s love for granted. But together we could support a great cause that would improve the wellbeing of these children.

So let’s join our cause and prove to them that they too can deserve love, despite their varying backgrounds.



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