Our Commitment

Ever since we started our early production of clothing lines, we became more aware of the environmental and social cost of the fashion industry. As the fashion industry expands, so does the problems that come along with it. These problems include the use of unsustainable materials to produce fabric, the formation of harmful waste products, and even the exploitation of human resources to meet unrealistic demands of fast fashion. Despite all that, our team believes that we could still provide quality and comfortable clothing pieces that causes the least damage towards our planet and the people in it. Thus, we begin our journey to become a better friend towards nature.

Our journey was not easy. There were plenty of challenges in creating a sustainable clothing brand. We had to be picky about choosing the right partners who have the same vision as us. But thankfully, we eventually found them. 

Our textiles are harvested locally in collaboration with APR and harmonically weaved together to create the dreamy fabric we all loved. From there, the fabrics are sent to be printed with our exclusive hand-drawn designs and finally, the printed fabrics are sent to local mini-convections that we personally knew. We also pay them accordingly as artisans, not as laborers. 

Looking at the final products made our hearts filled with joy and hope. Perhaps we could alter the fate of the fashion industry into becoming more sustainable for the Earth. We couldn't keep this excitement from you, our dearest customers, and that is why we decided to relay the essence of sustainability until it reaches your front door.

We used cassava bags, cardboards and also gummed tape in our plastic-free packaging. Sometimes, we would also use reusable tote bags that can also be reused over and over again. And most importantly, we will constantly use our platforms to spread positivity and awareness about creating a greener Earth. So if you're reading this, we would like to thank you for sticking around and being as invested as we are about making this world a better place to live. 

We have the power to imagine, create and inspire. After this number, what’s next?

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