Stroke by Stroke: a Closer Look at Our Exclusive Prints

Taking inspiration from nature and heaps of life journeys has been our favorite thing to do. We found out that we are constantly going through a collective series of events that might not always be best described with words but rather with feelings.

We realized that by being able to share our stories and relate with other people, we grow stronger day by day. Strong enough to pick ourselves up even during hard times. And we do it in the best way we know, by incorporating meaningful strokes in our exclusive prints.

If you have been following us for quite some time, you'll notice that we dedicate a special theme for each occasion. And in these collections, we always incorporate our own printed designs. The colors we use might be accustomed to the season, but our iconic style of strokes will constantly be present.

For us, the wave strokes represent something so delicate; a paradox of simple yet complex meaning. The arbitrary patterns they create can sometimes represent how life takes us into uncertain paths, yet they all turn out better than what we could have ever expected.

Aside from that, most of the time we also use muted colors in our designs. We believe that there's a place for every end of an opposing spectrum. For example, light and dark colors, and cool and warm color tones, are all inspired by the goodness of nature. And when these designs come to life, they get to be delicate, calming, mature, and last but not least, they still resemble Mother Earth.

So, are you excited about our next printed designs?

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