Sustainably Stylish is The Latest Trend

The word “sustainability” has gained its popularity for the last several years. More than just a dream for our collective community to make the Earth greener, sustainability has now became a staple lifestyle for most people. Here’s some of our tips on how to become sustainable yet stylish to incorporate into your daily routine!

1. Bring your own bottle 

Some people might drink coffee, and some might prefer tea. Some might even prefer milk, or even plain water! No matter what your choice of beverage is, it’s handy to keep your own bottle close to you when you’re outside. By bringing your own bottles, you can avoid the usage of single-use plastics for your favorite beverage. Plus, you can enhance your outfit with your matching bottle as an additional accessory!

2. Ditch the plastics

When you’re outside, it’s best to keep a reusable tote bag nearby to anticipate for unexpected sessions of grocery shopping. You can simply keep one neatly folded in your bag and take it out whenever you need! By keeping this as a routine, you’ll be consuming less single-use plastic bag or shopping bags that might not be degradable by the Earth. Although most shops offer to sell their own reusable bags, you can save more money by bringing your own.

3. Support local eco-brands

Fast fashion stores you see in malls might be the most convenient place to shop for your outfit, as they have a large collection of clothes that has broad variety to suit everyone’s style. But behind every fast fashion stores that catches up on the latest trend, there’s always unseen damages towards the environment and society on a global scale. Instead, you could opt to shop at local brands that focuses on sustainable products, like us! 

Are there any other tips that we miss? Don’t hesitate to let us know!

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